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  For Such A Time


Verse 1
You are the King of glory
With sovereign hands You made the earth
Your ways are full of wisdom
No human mind can take them in
Everything we know is held together at Your word
And we were made to praise You

Chorus 1
Let Your glory shine in the whole earth
Let You name and praise resound
And the whole world will know You live
For holy is Your name
Great is Your fame
Your people all around brining glory to the King
And we were made for such a time as this

Verse 2
Though multitudes ignore You
Still You call them while You wait
So many now betray You
Still Your arms are open wide
What kind of love forgives the ones who
Nailed You to the cross
We've got to tell the world

Misc 1
Great in glory
God most holy
Reigning in us
God we worship You

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