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  Kiss The Son


Verse 1
You are the Sovereign King
Maker of everything
Your fame is rising for all the earth to see
You're putting on Your sword
And bringing with You reward
For those who love and call Your name

Verse 2
Creation's waited so long
To hear Your victory song
To see You given the glory You deserve
Can't wait for what's in store
When every heart will adore
When all Your foes get what's coming to them

Misc 1
Your justice will rain down
The blazing fire no one will ignore
And You will be the King
There'll be no question forevermore

Chorus 1
And we'll sing
This is the coming of our glorious King
We want to see You ruling everything
Our hearts are ready to worship kiss the Son
And this is how the King will come

Misc 2
When are we going to stop worshiping idols
When are we going to start worshiping our God
When are we going to give Christ His time to shine

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